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Biogas Processing

A biogas solution for every industry niche.

Safeguard your employees, property, and profit with GROTH biogas products. Our biogas products prevent damage from fire and explosion, safely reduce atmospheric emissions, and protect the environment.

Our products support the unique treatment processes of municipal, agricultural, landfill gas, and food and beverage applications.

We also provide biogas control valves, assemblies, and burners that are often part of multiple digester gas systems, anaerobic digesting systems or other wastewater treatment processes.

Recommended for Biogas Processing

Find the right balance for your facility.

As experts in biogas and wastewater processes, we understand that process selection and design are key to the performance and reliability of your plant. Gas, chemical outputs and processing systems at wastewater treatment facilities can make balancing efficiency, safety and control a complex task – but we’re here to help.