MODEL 8110

Back Pressure Check Valve

The Groth Model 8110 Back Pressure Check Valve is used specifically in low pressure gas control lines where minimum pressure drops and maximum flow capacity are required. Model 8110 valves are built of corrosion resistant components. Furnished standard in aluminum with a free swinging aluminum pendulum type pallet. By removing the cover, easy access is provided for quick inspection and maintenance. Model 8110 check valves should be installed in your low pressure line downstream of meters, regulators, and other gas control devices that may be otherwise damaged by an accidental reversal of the pressure in the system due to pressure waves from a flashback or similar disturbance.


  • Full flow with low pressure drop
  • Low maintenance reduces the cost to operate the product

• Size: 2” (DN 50) through 8” (DN 200)
• Material: Aluminum (type 356), Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
• ATEX Certified

• 125# ASME FF flanged connector
• Threaded connection for 2” and 3” sizes only

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