Flame Trap Assembly (7628 & 8530)

Model 8500A

Flame Trap Assembly (7628 & 8530)

The Groth Model 8500A contains a horizontal flame arrester and a thermal operated shut-off valve. This unit is generally installed in combustible vapor lines. They are also installed in a line to gas utilization equipment, as close as possible to the source of combustion.


Size: 2" (DN 50) through 12" (DN 300)

Material: Aluminum (type 356-T6), and other materials


• Simple replaceable fusible element for ease of maintenance

 Designed for quick and easy maintenance
• Blocks gas flow in the presence of a flame at the flame arrester, preventing damage to upstream equipment



• Thermocouple/thermowell connection
• Insulation jacket
• Flame arrester drain connection
• Instrument ports

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