Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve and Flame Arrester w/ Safety Diverter Valve

Model 8800SDV

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve and Flame Arrester w/ Safety Diverter Valve

The Safety Diverter Valve (SDV) is a 3-way, multi-port ball valve, offering a safe, quick and easy way for valve “changeover” used quite commonly on bio-digesters for ease of inspection, maintenance and cleaning. This allows for redundant pressure vacuum relief valve (PVRV) and flame arrester (FA) assemblies allowing no process interruption, while  providing  continuous  system overpressure or vacuum protection due to pumping-in (influent) and pumping-out (effluent). The design makes it impossible to shut-off both valve outlets at the same time which guarantees continuous operation.


Size: 2" thru 10"

Material: Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum


  • 3-way, multi-port, full bore design
  • L Port (90 degrees)
  • Low pressure drop offering unrestricted flow compared to plug-type valves
  • Blow-out proof stem for maximum safety
  • Live-loaded stem packing for positive sealing (sizes 6" and larger)
  • High spherocity and mirror surface finish of ball ensures positive shut-off and low operating torque.
  • Handlever (sizes 2" thru 4"), gear-operator (sizes 6" and larger)
  • Visual indicator (standard) for indicating active relief valve and flow path of the media
  • Lock-out mechanism (standard) prevents unwanted access
  • Includes pipe-elbows and flanges suitable for mounting [2] Groth pressure vacuum relief valves
  • Threaded ports with manual valves (optional) allows pressure testing and field calibration
  • Stopping mechanism prevents shutting off both valves at the same time
  • Ability to perform maintenance without interrupting service or vessel protection
  • Flow area is never restricted
  • Balanced internal forces
  • Smoother valve shifting
  • Able to apply pressure to any port

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