Model 8393B

Waste Gas Burner-Fully Enclosed

The Groth Model 8393B Fully Enclosed Waste Gas Burner features combustion which occurs in an enclosed stack. The advantages to enclosed combustion include: higher destruction efficiencies, no visible flame, low heat radiation, and minimal noise. This is important for installations which are in or near residential areas. The combustion air flow is controlled by automated louvers. This allows the equipment to keep the combustion process within the temperature limits, allowing for the highest destruction efficiencies. A flame front pilot technology pilot ignition system is used to provide a robust, reliable system and to improve the ability to maintain this system.


Size: 2" (DN 50) through 12" (DN 300)

Material: All stainless steel construction in flame area


• High Destruction efficiencies, 98.5% +
• Low emissions of: NOx & CO
• Fully automated controls
• Stack is refractory lined to protect from heat of combustion
• Pilot System utilizes Flame Front Ignition Technology
• Also available: control panel sunshield
• Safely incinerates waste gases preventing fugitive VOC emissions
• Reliable pilot gas ignition system ensures that the waste gas is properly incinerated



115V, 1PH, 60 Hz, 10 AMP, grounded neutral Contacts for remote monitoring 
(1) NO, 3 AMP, “Flame On” 
(1) NO, 3 AMP, “Flame Failure”
Standard: Nema 4, Weatherproof 
Optional: Nema 4X, Nema 7, etc.
Pressure Switch 
Explosion Proof: 4 - 20 InWC 
Range: 0.4 - 0.6 InWC Deadband
Pilot Fuel for stoichiometric pilot
•Natural Gas — 4 InWC to 10 psig Supply Pressure
•LPG — 1 psig to 10 psig Supply Pressure
•Digester Gas 4 InWC to 10 psig Supply Pressure 
•Pilot Consumption:  22-150 SCFH 


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