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Blanket Gas Regulators from Groth Corporation ensure that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank. A blanket gas regulator supplies an inert gas to prevent a vacuum from developing when liquid is removed from a tank, to maintain the desired blanket pressure when the temperature drops, and to prevent outside air from contaminating the tank or creating a flammable or explosive environment. A blanket gas pressure as low as 0.5 InWC prevents outside air and moisture from entering the storage vessel and reduces evaporation of the stored product to a negligible amount. The end result:  product conservation and significant reduction in tank emissions.

The simple design of a Groth blanket gas regulator eliminates the need for a multiple regulator system or complicated pilot operated blanketing valves. Groth units have totally balanced chambers to offer high accuracy and reliability, and ensure a leak-tight design without the need for a pilot valve to operate the unit, thus reducing maintenance costs.

3000 Series Blanket Gas Regulators

3000 Series Blanket Gas Regulators Model 3011L, 3011H, 3011HP, 3020A