MODEL 8460/8470

Drip Trap – Manual

The Groth Manual Drip Trap may be easily attached to a Groth Sediment Trap for extra efficiency or installed for collection and safe removal of liquids from low points in gas control lines. The Groth Model 8460 is a manually operated drip trap design for pressures up to 5 PSIG. Also available: the Groth Model 8470 for higher pressures (up to 60 PSIG).


  • Manual design
  • Quick, easy access
  • No gas escapes when draining


• Material: Aluminum (Type 356) body with Stainless Steel internal working parts
• Pressure: 5 PSIG Standard with 1” NPT connection; Up to 60 PSIG on special order
• Capacity of 3 quarts or 6 quarts
• ATEX Certified

  • Insulation jacket

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