MODEL 8600

Foam Separator

The Groth Model 8600 Foam Separator is designed to eliminate foam and remove particles from the Digester Gas Discharge. Clogging of down-stream equipment can be prevented by utilizing a Groth Foam Separator. Foam and solids removal is accomplished by first directing the flow into a baffle that is located in an oversized chamber. Secondly, the gas is subjected to an extended exposure (dwell time) with continuous water spray. As a result, foam is knocked down and flushed out through the drain. By using a Groth Foam Separator, expensive gas line equipment such as recirculation compressors can be protected.


  • Eliminates foam
  • Removes particles
  • Continuous water spray system
  • High and low level alarms
  • Automatic water supply shut down
  • Visual drain flow indicator
  • Visual water supply indicator

Size: 2″ (DN 50) through 12″ (DN 300)

Material: All stainless steel construction

Pressure: Maximum working pressure is 1 psig (27.68 InWC)

  • Custom designs available
  • NEMA 7 Control panel available

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