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1500 Series Air Operated Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves

Air operated valves are used to replace weight loaded, spring loaded, and pilot operated valves in severe application where polymerization and crystallization may take place and plug as well as corrode the control orifices. The air operated valve increases valve efficiency and reduces evaporation losses. The pressure switch coupled with a solenoid valve and using plant instrument air instead of corrosive product vapor provides a bubble tight seal in the valve. Additionally, the use of clean air greatly reduces maintenance time when compared with the pilot operated valve. By using the air operated valve, remote sensing is provided by the pressure switch. This valve provides greater conservation due to minimum product loss which in turn adds to the profits at the bottom line.

The Groth 1500 Series group provides safe, dependable, and accurate low pressure and/or vacuum on your storage tank. A range of pressure and vacuum requirements may be easily set. Full flow is obtainable at set point and the snap acting feature provides immediate efficiency. This reduces the requirement for large overpressure and saves product, translating into profit. The standard valve may incorporate a vacuum breaker when desired.

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