Drip Trap - Manual

Model 8460/8470

Drip Trap - Manual

Groth drip traps may be easily attached to a Groth Sediment Trap for extra efficiency or installed for collection and safe removal of liquids from low points in gas control lines. The Groth Model 8460 is a manually operated design for pressures up to 5 PSIG. Also available: the Groth Model 8470 for higher pressures (up to 60 PSIG)


Material: Aluminum (Type 356) body with S.S. internal working parts

Pressure: 5 PSIG*Standard with 1" NPT connection; Up to 60 PSIG on special order


Manual design

Quick, easy access

No gas escapes when draining

Model  8460, manually operated design is standard in aluminum with ports and shaft positively sealed by synthetic O-Ring to prevent gas escaping, no matter what position the disc is in. Model 8460 is rated for a maximum working pressure of 5 psig and Model 8470 is available up to 60 psig on special order. Capacity of 3 quarts or 6 quarts standard.


Insulation jacket