Pressure Relief and Flame Trap Assembly (7628 & 8860)

Model 8400A

Pressure Relief and Flame Trap Assembly (7628 & 8860)

This unit accomplishes two purposes. It will maintain a predetermined back pressure in order that only surplus gas is flared and inhibits a possible flame flashback of the flare into the gas control system. A fusible element that is rated at 260°F precludes valve shut-off unless contacted by flame. The visual indicator provides operator with easy adjustments. The proven spiral wound, crimped ribbon flame element provides the best flame quenching performance for the least pressure drop.
The unit is corrosion resistant throughout and quick and easy to open and maintain. Standard operating range is 2 to 12 InWC or a special range of 8” to 24” is available when higher pressures are required. Consult factory for 10 to 12 InWC for optional settings. When not specified, factory sets standard at 6 InWC


Size: 2" (DN 50) through 12" (DN 300)

Material: Aluminum (type 356-T6), and other materials


• Simple upstream pressure regulation allows for accurate pressure relief
• Adjustable set pressure for easy process pressure relief adjustment
• Prevents pipeline deflagration from damaging tanks, pipelines, and other process equipment


• Drain connection
• Drip trap connection
• Insulation jacket
• Thermocouple/thermowell connection
• Flame check (vent line)
• Electronic shut-off
• Various spring ranges