Sediment Trap

Model 8330

Sediment Trap

The Groth Model 8330 Sediment Trap is for use in low pressure gas lines to remove sediment and/or condensate from a "wet" gas. These traps are normally installed to provide additional safety by removing almost all of the solids and liquid from the gas stream. Groth's design creates a combination of internal centrifugal force and a drop in the velocity of the gas which contributes to the successful removal of solids and liquids.  


Pressure: rated to 5 psig,up to 25 psig available


*Sizes 2" (DN50) to 12" (DN300)

*Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials

*Capacity 12 gallons minimum

*Standard pressure rated to 5 PSIG, up to 25 PSIG available


• Hot-dip galvanization
• 25 psig rated
• Insulation jacket
• Stainless steel hand valves
• Wire mesh strainer
• Inspection port
• Glass sight glass


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