Full Lift Pressure Relief Valve

Model 1830A

Full Lift Pressure Relief Valve

The most notable advantage of the Groth Full Lift Type Valve Compared to Standard Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves is its’ ability to open at 10% overpressure while standard Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves achieve full open capacity at 100% overpressure. The use of a Full Lift Type Valve allows the user to select the valve set pressure (vacuum) within 10% of the tank Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (vacuum). This is important because operation near the tank design pressure greatly reduces the breathing losses of the product in the tank.


Size: 2" (DN 50) through 12" (DN 300) flange sizes

Material: Available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass

Pressure: 0.5 osig to 15 psig (2.15 mbarg to 1.03 barg)

Certification: ATEX and PED Approval


• Rated flow at only 10% overpressure provides the ability to operate closer to the tank MAWP, increasing the operating range of the process
• Reduced seat leakage prevents fugitive emissions and conserves stored product
• Near zero blow down lowers operating cost by reducing product evaporation
• Peripheral and central seat guides ensure reliable, repeatable performance
• Self-draining housing body and drip rings protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing, increasing operational reliability


• 150# ANSI, PN10, PN16, JIS drilling classes available
• Buna-N, Fluoropolymer, FKM and other seating diaphragms
• Steam Jacket
• Spacer


Full Lift Pressure Relief Valve

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