Full Lift Vacuum Relief Valve, Side Mount

Model 1870A

Full Lift Vacuum Relief Valve, Side Mount

The most notable advantage of the Groth Full Lift Type Valve Compared to Standard Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves is its’ ability to open at 10% overpressure while standard Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves achieve full open capacity at 100% overpressure. The use of a Full Lift Type Valve allows the user to select the valve set pressure (vacuum) within 10% of the tank Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (vacuum). This is important because operation near the tank design pressure greatly reduces the breathing losses of the product in the tank.


Size: 3" (DN 80) through 14" (DN 350) flange sizes

Material: Available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass

Vacuum: 0.5 osig to 12 psig (2.15 mbarg to 827 mbarg)

Certification: ATEX and PED Approval


• Rated flow at only 10% overpressure provides the ability to operate closer to the tank MAWP, increasing the operating range of the process
• Reduced seat leakage prevents fugitive emissions and conserves stored product
• Near zero blow down lowers operating cost by reducing product evaporation
• Peripheral and central seat guides ensure reliable, repeatable performance
• Self-draining housing body and drip rings protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing, increasing operational reliability


• 150# ANSI, PN10, PN16, JIS drilling classes available
• Buna-N, Fluoropolymer, FKM and other seating diaphragms
• Steam Jacket
• Spacer


Full Lift Vacuum Relief Valve, Side Mount

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