MODEL 8170


The Groth Model 8170 Well-Type Manometer is a direct reading, single column type pressure gauge providing accurate pressure readings, positive, negative, or differential. It is used to indicate gas pressure in lines from the digester and those leading to utilities and waste gas burners. The Groth unit may be used indoors or outdoors and is designed to be mounted almost anywhere for convenience. The Groth Model 8170 may be wall mounted or panel mounted. Any number of tubes may be mounted side by side on a common panel. A solid acrylic assembly protects the shatter-proof tube and the scale against dust, dirt, and rain. Groth manometers have no hidden wells or packing glands, and are leak proof. The tube can be filled with a red oil-type liquid. The large font inch scale is easy to read. Heavy construction and a durable coating provide a long lasting product which is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


• Multiple manometers are factory installed and inter- connected to simplify installation
• Each pressure port is connected to a vented stainless steel valve for isolation and zero calibration
• All manometers are connected to a common panel vent port, and a flame check is provided for the vent line
• Wall mounting is easy and connections are made at the bottom of the panel
• Indoor or outdoor service
• Standard, over-pressure safety traps provide absolute protection against loss of fluid

• Scale Sizes: 12” (300 mm), 20” (500 mm), 24” (600 mm), 30” (750 mm), and 36” (900 mm)
• Material: 14 gauge carbon steel with a corrosion resistant epoxy finish

  • Moisture filter with bowl

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