The Groth Authorized Repair Dealer (GARD) Program provides around-the-clock service with quicker turnaround to customers through a select network of factory authorized dealers. The GARD Program gives you peace of mind for any repair.


Through the GARD Program, customers can be confident that repairs to Groth Corporation products are made to original factory specification with original parts. GARD Representatives will also conduct site audits with customers for technical product assistance and authorized repair dealers will have inventory on-hand to quickly and effectively conduct equipment maintenance and repairs.


  • Repairs made with only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Each GARD Dealer is regularly audited by Groth Corporation for compliance with Groth’s stringent technical specifications and quality system practices
  • GARD’s will have access to millions of dollars of inventory to quickly and effectively conduct equipment maintenance and repairs
  • The GARD Program utilizes only factory authorized technicians and testing equipment
  • The GARD Network consists of expert staff who provide professional support


  • The use of OEM parts for all maintenance and repair ensures the integrity and durability of the work conducted. This reduces long-term maintenance costs and extends the life-cycle of the product
  • With on-hand inventory, GARDs will be able to quickly respond to any need, greatly reducing process downtime
  • Customers are assured that all products meet the original factory product specifications and the customer’s specific requirements
  • Only Groth Corporation approved parts are used for repairs...only trained & authorized technicians are utilized for the GARD Program
  • By providing site audits, GARD Representatives will be able to forecast the needs of your equipment and conduct preventative maintenance

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