March, 2021

Tested and Certified Product Avoids Hazardous Deflagrations

In-House Production and Inventory Results in Fast Delivery to Customers


STAFFORD, TX, March 19, 2021 – Groth Corporation’s newest addition to its product line, the 77E-AF Deflagration Arrester, tested and rated for IIB3 / C gas group deflagrations starting at 0.65 maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) and higher, expands the company’s range of products and services into the flame control market. A high-quality product that out-performs its competitors for a better value, the 77E-AF Deflagration Arrester can be in the customer’s hands as quickly as overnight.

Groth Corporation produces and inventory this new product in-house for the fastest delivery times in the market, providing a quick, reliable, and ATEX-certified solution for Ethelyne and other gases with an MESG ≥ 0.65mm.

“The 77E-AF deflagration arrester represents Groth Corporation’s bold entry in the IIB3 / C gas arrester categories,” says Thomas Caldwell, VP of Global Sales & Marketing at CDC. “Not only does the 77E-AF perform equal or better in every performance measurement, GROTH can deliver these arresters faster than any manufacturer.”

The 77E-AF Deflagration Arrester meets or exceeds competitor product performance in all facets, including rated preignition pressure and run-up length. It also meets the short time burn rating of Groth’s primary competitor product and exceeds flow rates of most other competitors’ products.

Manufactured with carbon and stainless steels, the 77E-AF Deflagration Arrester is designed to inhibit flame propagation in gas piping systems and protect low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids. It utilizes multiple-element technology to maximize flame quenching capacity while minimizing pressure drop.

The 77E-AF represents a significant addition to the GROTH product line, signifying an ability for Groth Corporation to penetrate the IIB3 / C gas market with a quality product and fast order fulfillment.


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