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Storage Tank


Relief valves, flame control, vents, hatches and more – we offer a diverse line of industrial products and the means to deliver them posthaste.

For 60 years GROTH has been delivering valves that perform and service you can count on. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we know how crucial reliable, on-time delivery is to your success. So we’re putting our same commitment behind faster delivery.

Count on GROTH to get products exactly when you expect them.

Explore GROTH’s complete line of relief valves.

Highly trained test technicians run every GROTH valve model through our TUV-certified Flow Testing Lab, where they’re certified on-site with 3rd party oversight – because your safety is our first priority. We aim to give you the utmost confidence in the precision and reliability of GROTH valves.

Count on GROTH flame arresters.

We take product design seriously. Throughout the design process, GROTH models endure meticulous testing to comply with ISO 16852 standards. Whether you need in-line, horizontal, ATEX or USCG certified, you can count on GROTH arresters to protect your facility and your bottom line.

Get exactly what you need with the GROTH sizing program.

The updated, easy-to-use GROTH sizing program makes it simple to find, order or reorder whatever you need to improve the safety of your facility, safeguard the environment, and protect your profits.

Experts in oil and gas.

Sixty years of close collaboration with the oil and gas industry have helped us become exceptionally familiar with the needs of petrochemical exploration and refinery operations. We’re here to help you protect the environment, meet regulations, and keep your employees safe.

GROTH’s high-precision safety products are ideal, cost effective solutions for your facilities fire prevention, emission control, and media loss prevention needs.