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Industry Solutions

Chemical Processing

Protect every point of your chemical processing facility.

GROTH products will keep your industrial processing facilities safe, reliable and profitable. We offer protection for nearly every aspect of your facility:

  • Valves and pressure relief devices for emission control
  • Relief valves to protect against damage from pressure or vacuum and reduce losses from product evaporation
  • Flame and detonation arresters to reduce risk of damage and injury from fire
  • Cover equipment to improve movement and quality control of product stored in atmospheric tanks
  • Blanket gas regulators to maintain consistent pressure inside the vapor space of a tank, preventing fire or evaporation

You can rely on GROTH’s nearly seven decades of experience to provide products you need and the service you demand.

Ideal for Chemical Processing

Simple, reliable solutions for a complex industry.

The extent and complexity of the chemical industry requires top-of-the-line containment, process systems, and pressure relief valves. Engineering measures and technological innovations help to control and abate emissions in chemical processing plants, but safety in processing is the primary focus – and that’s where we come in.