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News & Events

February, 2024

Groth Corporation Announces New Pilot Operated Relief Valve

New design offers reliable low-pressure protection, prevents fugitive emissions, conserves stored product, expands process operating range, and reduces the requirement for excessive overpressure – saving product and enhancing profitability. STAFFORD, Texas – Groth Corporation announces the release of their newest product: the Model 16F Pilot Operated Relief Valve. The Groth Model 16F pilot operated relief […]


August, 2023

Wisconsin Water Treatment Supplier Acquires Groth Corporation’s Biogas Business Product Line

Including safety and control systems, flame control, liquid/foam separation and removal, and waste gas flare systems for the biogas and wastewater market STAFFORD, Texas – Groth Corporation announces Energenecs, Inc. has purchased several product assets associated with the “Groth Biogas” business segment. Groth Biogas, a business segment of Groth Corporation established over 60 years ago, […]


May, 2023

Protect Your Tank from Damage with Groth Corporation’s Newest Valve

New pressure/vacuum relief valve provides increased protection and safety against damage to tank equipment and on-site personnel caused by overpressure or excessive vacuum. STAFFORD, Texas, May 9, 2023 – Groth Corporation announces a new safety product for tank equipment: the 12F-TWW-0 Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve pressure/vacuum relief valves (PVRV). Extensive research and development have produced a product […]


August, 2021

Continental Disc Corporation Appoints Mike Waters as New CEO

  Liberty, Mo., August 6, 2021 – Continental Disc Corporation, LLC (CDC) announced today that Mr. James Michael “Mike” Waters has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer of the company. An experienced business leader, Waters will succeed Benjamin Cox, assuming responsibilities on Monday, July 26, 2021. Benjamin Cox is no longer with the company. With […]


March, 2021

Tested and Certified Product Avoids Hazardous Deflagrations

In-House Production and Inventory Results in Fast Delivery to Customers   STAFFORD, Texas, March 19, 2021 – Groth Corporation’s newest addition to its product line, the 77E-AF Deflagration Arrester, tested and rated for IIB3 / C gas group deflagrations starting at 0.65 maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) and higher, expands the company’s range of products […]


January, 2021

Introducing: TSL Engineered Products, Global Manufacturer of Specialized Solutions

ST. LOUIS, Mo., January 13, 2021 – Tinicum, L.P., and affiliated funds managed by Tinicum Incorporated (“Tinicum”) announced today that they have acquired a controlling interest in Robert Family Holdings, LLC. Following the acquisition, Robert Family Holdings changed its name to TSL Engineered Products, LLC (“TSL”). TSL, through its three wholly owned operating subsidiaries — […]


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