MODEL 8490

Electrically Actuated Drip Trap

The Groth Model 8490 electrically operated drip trap combines the reliability of a rotating disc manual drip trap with the convenience of an automatic drip trap. It can be controlled by an integral cycle timer, a Groth remote sequence controller, or the owner’s master control system.


  • Reliable, low maintenance rotating disc drip trap
  • Heavy duty electric actuator
  • Visual position indicator
  • Electronic contacts for remote position indication
  • Override for manual operation

• Pressure: 5 or 60 PSI pressure rating
• 3 or 6 quart bowl
• NEMA 7 Explosion-proof actuator housing
• Aluminum construction

  • Integral cycle timer
  • Remote control panel
  • Insulating jacket
  • Actuator heater

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