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Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Weight-loaded; Hinged

The Groth Model 2450A Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the normal operating pressure/vacuum relief valve on the tank. The valve protects the tank against rupture or excessive internal pressures caused by fire exposure, etc. The valve is designed to be self-closing. As excessive pressure builds up, it relieves, then reseats when over pressure has been dissipated. Model 2450A is built of corrosion resistant materials throughout. Groth’s special fluoropolymer “cushioned air” pallet and peripheral guiding ensures proper alignment and integrity of seating.


  • A wide stainless steel seat and air-cushion seal
  • A hinged design including a lift stop ensuring positive re-seating
  • Easy access manway combined with emergency relief

• Sizes: 16”, 20” and 24”

Pressure Settings:
• 16” = 2.7 osig – 8osig
• 20” = 2.3 osig – 8 osig
• 24” = 2 osig – 8 osig

• Vacuum Settings: 0.5 osig – 4 oz/in2 (2.15 mbarg to 17.2 mbarg)
• Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other materials
• ATEX Approval

• Steam Jacket
• Buna-N, Fluoropolymer, FKM
• ANSI 150# and API 650 drilling classes
• Counter weights

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