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Weight Loaded Pressure Relief Valve

Groth Corporation Model 23E-TW0-0 weight loaded pressure relief valve is designed
to be used in applications where additional pressure relief is necessary. Pressure relief
valves provide relief from excessive internal pressure which may cause tank damage.


Superior Sealing Performance
• Precision machining and manufacturing to accomplish superior sealing
• Ultra-tight sealing reduces product leakage and fugitive emissions
• Leak Rate is compliant with API 2000

Industry Leading Flow Rates
• Higher flow capacity to protect from excessive pressure build up
• Higher flow rates also allow these valves to be used in a wider range of applications
than valves with lower flow rates

Direct Replacement & Easy Maintenance
• Direct replacement for any standard pressure relief valve
• Designed for easy maintenance, thus reducing downtime and lowering operational costs
• Fully field replaceable pallet assemblies
• Replacement pressure diaphragms “soft goods”

Technical Details
• Size: 2” (50mm) through 12” (300mm)
• Casting Material: Aluminum (non-sparking), Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
• Pallet Material: Aluminum (low settings only), Stainless Steel
• Diaphragm Materials: Buna-N, Blue FKM or FEP
• Weight Material: Stainless Steel and Zinc coated Carbon Steel
• Bolting Class: 150# ASME, PN10, PN16, JIS drilling classes available
• Pressure Settings: .86 inWC (2.15 mbarg) to 41.5 inWC (103 mbarg)
• Leak Rate is compliant with API 2000
• PED and ATEX Certified

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