Weight Loaded Vacuum Relief Valve

The Groth Model 13T-T0W-0 weight loaded vacuum relief valve is designed to be
used in applications where additional vacuum relief is necessary. Intake relief necessary
under working conditions is achieved by a weight loaded pallet. The 13T-T0W-0
helps to provide increased fire protection and safety. Valve size must be selected to
perform required vacuum relief under operating and thermal conditions.


• Product leakage and fugitive emissions are reduced via ultra-tight sealing
• Higher flow capacity to protect from excessive vacuum build up
• Peripheral and central seat guides ensure reliable, repeatable performance
• Designed for easy maintenance, thus reducing downtime and operational cost

Technical Details

• Size: 2” (50mm) through 12” (300mm)
• Body Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
• Pallet Material: Aluminum (low setting only), Stainless Steel
• Diaphragm Materials: Buna-N, Blue FKM or FEP
• Weight Material: Zinc-Plated Carbon Steel, Stainless Stee
• Bolting Class: 150# ASME, PN10, PN16, JIS drilling classes available
• Vacuum Settings: .80 inWC (2 mbarg) to 41.5 inWC (103 mbarg)
• Superior tightness, meeting API-2000 leak requirements
• PED and ATEX Certified

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